1. historicaltimes:

    Cap Coleman tattooing a USN sailor circa 1940s

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  2. mikeadamstattoo:

    I used another acetate that I made on rempe, he’s an awesome tattooer and a great dude.

    thank you



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  3. vintagegal:

    Bob Shaw tattooed by Bert Grimm in the 1940’s. Shaw and his family went on to buy and run The “World Famous Bert Grimms Tattoo Studio” in Long Beach, California until 2002.

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  4. Finally got the haunted house tattoo I’ve been wanting for a while!

    Done by The Gus at Olde City Tattoo, Philadelphia.


  5. Eastwood/Sailor Jerry ‘59 Coronado Custom guitar I designed!

    Enter to win it on the Sailor Jerry Twitter and check out more info on the Eastwood site!


  6. vintagegal:

    Bob Shaw

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  8. Happy Friday the 13th I guess.


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  13. porvidacs:


    Stuart G Cripwell

    So rad.

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  14. Tattooed by Bert Grimm, 1940s


  15. Bob Shaw tattooed by Bert Grimm, 1940s