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  2. Photographs by Weegee, 1930s-40s.




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    Title page for the unwritten Death in London.

    From Suppressed plates, wood engravings, &c., by George Somes Layard, London, 1907.

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    This gravestone marker is from the Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery in Goldfield, Nevada. It marks the grave of the “Unknown Library Paste Man” who was a starving vagrant who dug up a tub of library paste out of the trash and consumed enough to be a lethal dose. In addition to the flour and water, the paste contained small amounts of alum, which is poisonous when consumed in large doses.

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  9. April 1865. Cold Harbor, Virginia. Collecting remains of dead on the battlefield after the war.

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    Dead SS guard in canal, Dachau, Germany, 1945.

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