1. The Cramps, 1978


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    The Cramps at the Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada 1982


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    The Cramps eerie b/w photo essay published in "The Face" magazine, July 1980 issue, composed of Alain De La Mata photos (probably taken during the Garbageman” promo video shoot at the Shepperton film Studios, Middlesex, near London) and "Voodoo Idol" lyrics as captions.

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    The Cramps at The Tropicana Hotel, photo by Theresa K June 1978

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  9. The Cramps, 1982


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  11. The Cramps at the Tropicana Motel, 1978. Photos by Theresa Kereakes. (x)

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  12. The Cramps’ 1st CBGB concert

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    The Cramps live at the Masque, photo by Al Flipside, 1978 

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