1. The Cramps at the Tropicana Motel, 1978. Photos by Theresa Kereakes. (x)

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  2. The Cramps’ 1st CBGB concert

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    The Cramps live at the Masque, photo by Al Flipside, 1978 

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    The Cramps • Photo by James Sliman 

    Rock Scene; May 1977

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  8. Artwork by Lux, 1977


  9. Poison Ivy by Stephanie Chernikowski


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  11. The Cramps fyler, 1976 with Pam Balam (drums).

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  12. Found a mint promo copy of Songs The Lord Taught Us at the flea market for $5 today! So psyched.

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    Voodoo Idols

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    The Cramps live at Napa State Mental Hospital, 1978

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