1. The Cramps at the Tropicana Motel, 1978. Photos by Theresa Kereakes. (x)

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  2. The Cramps’ 1st CBGB concert

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    A Christmas compilation personally put together by Lux & Ivy available for download here, courtesy of the WFMU Rock ‘n’ Soul Ichiban blog.

    The best Christmas comp ever assembled. 

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    The Cramps • Photo by James Sliman 

    Rock Scene; May 1977

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    The Cramps at CBGB’s, 1979

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    Radio Cramps :: The Purple Knif Show

    Download: Radio Cramps - Zipped Folder

    Lux Interior: inter-dimensional, pan-sexual, time-traveling rock & roll alien. And radio host. As Halloween draws nigh we’re revving up for our annual airing of The Purple Knif Show, the one-off radio program hosted by Lux in 1984 deep in the bowels of Hollywood. As master of ceremonies, Lux runs through his personal archives spinning the weird ranging from rockabilly and garage to early punk, campy novelty and exotica. His bag of tricks was the best. So go ahead, “get out your magic decoder rings, boys and girls…” Trick or treat.

    01. One Way Streets, The – Jack the Ripper
    02. Swamp Rats, The – Louie Louie
    03. J.J. Jackson – Oma Liddy
    04. Trashmen, The – Bird ’65
    05. Sparkles, The – Oh, Girls, Girls
    06. Link Wray – The Fuss
    07. Bill Carter And The Rovin’ Gamblers – Baby Brother
    08. Tides – Midnight Limbo
    09. Earl Hagan & The Interns – New Interns Watusi
    10. Mad Mike And The Maniacs – The Hunch
    11. Billy Strange – 007 Theme
    12. Ted Weems & His Orchestra – Heartaches
    13. Ray Anthony – Dragnet
    14. Grady O’Neal & The Bellatones – Turkey Neck Stretch
    15. Enchanters – Cafe Bohemian
    16. Jam Space & The Cadets – Take Me To Your Leader Chachacha
    17. Archie Bleyer – Fernandos Hideaway
    18. Vic Mizzy – Addams Family Theme
    19. Spark Plugs – Chicken
    20. Frantics – The Whip
    21. 5 Blobs – The Blob
    22. Unknown Artist – Miller Beer Commercial
    23. Ward Darby And The Raves – Safari
    24. Cozy Cole – Topsy Pt. II
    25. Deadly Ones – It’s Monster Surfing Time




  11. Artwork by Lux, 1977


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  13. The Cramps fyler, 1976 with Pam Balam (drums).

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  14. Found a mint promo copy of Songs The Lord Taught Us at the flea market for $5 today! So psyched.

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    1976 Erick Purkhiser (Lux Interior) selling Records at Musical Maze on Lexington at 85th

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