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    1963 Jaymar Universal Monster Puzzles


  5. Woah, never saw this Dracula poster before!

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  6. Béla Lugosi at age 35 c. 1917

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  7. Screaming Lord Sutch


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    Topps Kooky Awards (1968)


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    Bela Lugosi, Fredric March, and Boris Karloff in “Mickey’s Gala Premiere” 1933

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  11. Last night I watched the newly remastered version of Dracula on my Universal Monsters Blu-Ray box set and holy shit! It was like seeing the movie for the first time! You could see the patterns in the actors jackets! It looked like the film was made yesterday. I HIGHLY recommend picking up this box set!

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    Dorothy Tree, Geraldine Dvorak, & Cornelia Thaw as Dracula’s brides in Dracula (1931)

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    Here’s a clip from one of the new features on the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection about the restoration of Dracula (1931)

    Definitely going to have to splurge on this when it comes out…


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