1. The Seeds


  2. The Embers - I Walked All Night

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    The Embers - I Walked All Night


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    Debbie Harry by Chris Stein,1978.

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  4. cromosoma3:

    Georg Grosz dressed as Dada Death. Berlin 1918.

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  5. Poster I made for our latest DJ night



  7. Hangin with my buddy Ian last weekend.



  9. 1922 Sheet Music


  10. Vintage sheet music


  11. firsttimeuser:

    "Sinful Berlin - The Twenties: Sex, noise, doom," (book title)

    "Sündiges Berlin - Die zwanziger Jahre: Sex, Rausch, Untergang"

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  12. James Dean in his apartment on West 68th Street, New York City, 1955.

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  13. mudwerks:

    Unexpected Tales (by unexpectedtales)


  14. ronaldcmerchant:

    BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) stationary

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