1. Life advice brought to you by yours truly.


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  4. chimneyfish:

    The Mouth of Hell, 1440

    from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves

    by the anonymous Master of Catherine of Cleves

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  6. blankstaresatthelake:

    I recall lightning struck itself.

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  8. richardgeller:

    Iggy Pop

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  10. The Monks - I Hate You

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    The Monks - I Hate You, 1966


  11. The 13th Floor Elevators - I Don't Ever Want to Come Down

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    The 13th Floor Elevators “I Don’t Ever Want To Come Down”

    This track is so punk.


  12. nickdrake:

    Jack Kerouac

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  13. colin-vian:

     René Magritte - The Gradation of Fire, 1939

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  14. suicidewatch:

    Tomata du Plenty of The Screamers, 1979

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  15. Allah-Las - Catamaran

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    i’ve been living so long all by myself i can’t think of living with anyone else.

    I never get sick of hearing this song.

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